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Childhood and Adolescence between Law and Society. Past, Present and Future.

The Board of the Italian Review of Legal History invites all scholars to contribute to the debate on the following topic, in a historical perspective or with regard to current events: the problems relating to childhood, as the abandonment, the education of children , the role of the family, the inheritance rights, the abuses committed on children, child labor, forms of assistance and social protection throughout the Middle Ages, the Early Modern and Modern Periods in Europe and outside Europe.

Although the fundamental aspects of childhood condition have received the attention of recent and less recent historiography, the wideness of the theme allows scholars to study different topics from new perspectives and to focus on different lines of research, thus offering original findings.

Submission deadline: October 31, 2019.

At the choice of the author, papers will be published in Italian (or mother language) and English or only in Italian language (or mother language) with an abstract in English of at least 4.000 characters.

For author guidelines and additional information, please visit the website of the Journal  www.irlh.it

Please, fill the following form by June 30, 2019 (pdf file to be filled with Acrobat Reader) and submit it to segreteria.irlh@unimi.it and to claudia.storti@unimi.it


Aldo Andrea Cassi, Giovanni Chiodi, Ettore Dezza, Gigliola di Renzo Villata, Loredana Garlati, Gian Paolo Massetto, Antonio Padoa Schioppa, Alberto Sciumè, Stefano Solimano, Claudia Storti, Chiara Valsecchi